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Beretta A400 “Xplor Action”

Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20-gauge

10/07/2012 - Beretta launches a 20-gauge variant of its latest and most popular autoloading hunting shotgun!

Pierangelo Tendas
Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20-gauge
The well-appreciated performance of the 20-gauge ammunition finally encounters the high quality of Berettaʼs A-400 “XPlor Action” shotgun

Beretta launched its A-400 “XPlor Action” semi-automatic shotgun in 2011, much to the hype and joy of hunters and shotgun shooters worldwide. Its class and unparalleled reliability blended with a mix of technology previously unseen in the shotguns market quickly turned it into the mainstay of Berettaʼs hunting shotguns line, and into one of the top choices in the world today when it comes to a selfloading shotgun for hunting or competition shooting.

Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20-gauge
Just like the previous model, the 20-gauge A-400 “XPlor Action” features a wide array of last-generation technologic solutions

Advertised as “the shotgun that makes the difference”, the A-400 “XPlor Action” has been launched on September 17th, 2012 in a 20-gauge version. The 20-gauge shotshell is an excellent and popular choice for those shooters seeking a good compromise between controllability, accuracy and effectiveness, and in fact most, if not all, of shotgun hunters worldwide will, at one time or another, possess a shotgun in this caliber. The 20-gauge shotshell will perform greatly in any hunting condition and against most of preys, and its chambering on the Berettaʼs A-400 “XPlor Action” shotgun will only make it perform better!

Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20-gauge
What actually makes the difference in the “XPlor Action” series is the “Gun Pod”, a true built-in computer

The 20-gauge A-400 “XPlor Action” shotgun features all the innovative solutions previously seen on the 12-gauge variant, including the “Kick-Off” recoil reducer and the “Gun Pod” replaceable battery-powered, totally programmable ballistic calculator integrated in the heel of the grip, which will act as a shots counter, as a thermometer to measure the outside temperature and help the shooter to assess the best conditions when itʼs about to fire the round that will make the day, and a cartridge pressure/power meter.

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