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New Geco hunting ammunition products for 2012

The Geco products lines comprise whatever an unforgiving European or North American hunter may need

Pierangelo Tendas

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The Geco firm, founded in Germany as “Gustaf Genschow & Co.” in the year 1887 and quickly turned into one of the most important ammunition manufacturers of the 20th Century, has been part of the Dynamit Nobel conglomerate since 1966, which in turn has been absorbed by the Swiss-German RUAG Ammotec GmbH holding in 2002. Nowadays, Geco survives and prospers as a Dynamit Nobel/RUAG Ammotec owned brand focusing on pistol and centrefire rifle ammunitions, and its products are known for their outstanding performances in accuracy and performance.

in 2012, the Geco brand introduced a whole new variety of products to meet all tastes, yet especially with the most demanding hunters in mind.

Geco “Plus”
The Geco “Plus” line currently comprises three calibers ‒ .300-Winchester Magnum, .308-Winchester and .30-06 Springfield ‒ with more loads coming for the near future
Geco “Plus”
The new Geco “Plus” hunting ammunition line offers the best in flat trajectory and stopping power

The Geco “Plus” series of hunting centerfire rifle cartridges has been, available in .308-Winchester, .300-Winchester Magnum e .30-06 Springfield calibers, with others to follow in the future, represents the most powerful and effective brand of hunting ammunition launched this year.


The Geco “Plus” line has been conceived to ensure first-shot kill with the biggest game normally encountered all along the European hunting paths; realized through the use of the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies, the Geco “Plus” ammunition feature extremely strong micro-soldering joints between the lead core and the copper jacket; as a result, the Geco “Plus” ensures a perfectly controlled mushroom expansion upon impact, causing wide wound channels that will rapidly take down even the most robust preys, with poor or no fragmentation and thus no collateral damage to the carcass even should the bullet impact against a bone. 

The expansion of the Geco “Plus” ball follows a pre-established pattern controlled by visible breaking points on the jacket, which will prevent any possible incomplete opening and will also act as a safety feature, as any missed shot will expand upon impact against any natural element in the surroundings (such as a rock, a tree, etc.) and will stop. This means no possibility for ricochets, and less danger for other hunters.

Geco “Express”
The Geco “Express” includes the .300-Winchester Magnum, already used both by hunters and military snipers all around the world
Geco “Express”
Gecoʼs “Express” ammunition: a great, modern, multipurpose hunting cartridge specifically designed for long-range hunting

The Geco “Express” line − available in the .308-Winchester, .300-Winchester Magnum and .30-06 Springfield calibers, with others to be made available in the future − dedicated to those particular hunting specialties where an high-accuracy long-range shot might often be necessary to bring a prey down: mountain hunting, hunting in the plains, testing oneʼs rifle/scope combo to the extreme, the new Geco “Express” line is just perfect for all those who love to turn a normal hunting day into a long-range shooting challenge with his/her own capacity and the preys.

The Geco “Express” ammunition delivers high velocity, flat trajectory and fast energy transfer in any situation, retaining the best in performance even when limit shots are required. These little masterpieces are concentrate all the worldwide-appreciated know-how of the Dynamit Nobel/RUAG Ammotec Group; the balls, dubbed BC-Shape, feature a streamlined, aerodynamic design that will offer very little resistance to air, and will thus loose little in terms of velocity and kinetic energy during their travel. 

Their new Express Tip grants the perfect bullet balance and removes the need to correct the aiming point before taking particularly long-range shots. The bullet as a whole is kept together by an extremely robust Special Jacket that will avoid early fragmentation and will allow the bullet to maintain high energy levels, which will be transfered in full to the target at the moment of the impact, for clean kills in any condition.

Geco “Softpoint”
The “Teilmantel” (Softpoint) range is Gecoʼs most extensive line, virtually suitable for any hunting type and game

The Geco “SoftPoint” ammunition line, known as “Teilmantel” in Germany, comprises thirteen calibers (.243-Winchester, 6,5x55mm, .270-Winchester, .270-WSM, 7x57R, 7mm Remington Magnum, .280-Remington, 7x64mm, 7x65R, 7,62x39mm, .308-Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300-Winchester Magnum, 8x57-JS, 8x57-JRS, 9,3x62mm, 9,3x74R), making it adequate for hunting every game, everywhere.


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